About Once Upon A Time: Interaction

Courtesy of the artist – Eddie Botha; Dignifried, 2018; Indian Ink On Mixed media paper; 11 7/16 x 8 ¼ in. (29 x 21 cm.)

Once Upon A Time: Interaction

Eddie Botha

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Rì Galerie is thrilled to present a solo online exhibition of a series of stories by the Australian artist Eddie Botha entitled Once Upon A time: Interaction.  The exhibition is available on view from 24th Aug – 23rd Oct 2020.

The exhibition takes a form of interactive storytelling to explore life with art. The works presented are not only physical artworks, but also interactive systems designed to be presented in each story, co-created and actively involved in integration through contemporary media broadcasting. Through attractive bodies and thoughts, interesting open encounters, rich sensory experiences, and immersive online viewing room, the works in this exhibition arouse critical reflection, future imagination, and exploration of the background of the current situation. It's a storytelling journey involving the human body in senses and experiences. 

In the article of the study and research - Story Formulations in Talk-in-Interaction", which is with conversation analysis and the study of naturally occurring narratives-in-interaction. Going through contemporary media broadcasting to transform the artist's work to stories into visualizing for the viewers, then vitalize the issues in our life in a self-reflection is illustrated by a range of brief examples from the mundane conversation.

It also demonstrates the relationship between art and society and go through a series of stories and contemporary media broadcasting, to offer an in-depth understanding of the different interpretations of the Australian artist Eddie Botha in each his work. Compared with the abstract language of philosophical theory, it provides the viewers with information and faces it in a way that more directly touches the mindset of humanity.

The work of the artist showcases viewers to explore the possible directions of art and life, also the meaning of boundaries through the interactive storytelling between modern and contemporary. Based on the assessment of social and cultural conditions, what kind of social, moral, ethical, and environmental matters will be raised-out, as well as awakening the withered soul in conveying innocence and sincerity.

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