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Sincerity is a unique attribute of these talents.

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Online Viewing Room

Online Viewing Rooms is the connection between Rì Galerie, the artist(s), and you, so that we can view artworks online, just like seeing artworks in digitized space. You can stroll through the digital space and experience the artwork from all angle, also can learn more about the artwork by clicking and reading the pop-up window. The HD quality allows you to inspect the surface in more detail than the museum guards allow.

Let us experience the previous art exhibition Green, Pink, Yellow, White, with You by the Italian artist Angelo Troilo, which revived the aesthetics of the artist’s colouring on the paintings that involve with his language (messages/keywords/symbols) together with figurative surrounding in different colours, like the subject colours (green, pink, yellow and white) transform it into abstract figurative in contrapposto may appear true to life. The works are technically based on the keyword(s) building up with different colouring shapes. These shapes based on his daily lifestyle making it easy to deliver the message(s) through his own language.

Online Viewing Room
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