Rì Galerie 日空間 is an art gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art. We aim to discover the infinity and affinity of contemporary art, which also the nascent intention of the gallery, in the meantime, presenting artwork by largely emerging artists who have not been discovered whose work has been rarely or never exhibited, as well as providing support and encourage them to remain on their creative journey.

The gallery also provides a 360-degree-service of art advisory that is a range of services to new and experienced art collectors, art aficionado, or anyone who loves art, including Art Acquisitions, Collection Strategies, Collection Management, Auction House Negotiation, Market Research, Appraisal Services, and Private Sales, etc.

In the beginning only those with a strong interest in contemporary art came to experience and understand the artwork of emerging artists. Therefore, we hope rising-out a message for an in-depth sensitivity to all kind of colours that feeling is an element of love and compassion, even though we are all living in the era of complexity with lots of uncertainties.

Rì (日) also symbolizes bringing warmth to others. We hope this gallery will give some warmth to any colours who are in needed in an innovative and transparent form.  

Keep exploring, Keep swimming, Never give-up!

with You with love,

Rì Galerie 日空間


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