The Light of Science and Technology
Chloe Xu Ying

Objects in these environments decompose and interact in novel ways under computer vision and AI systems, necessitating updates to social norms and ethical frameworks that govern appropriate AI behaviors. Research into these issues helps elucidate principles governing the functions of AI systems, such as aggregation, embedding, discretization and derivation.

Working around the analysis of the work and studying the "elements of the landscape”, then of observing how to manages to transmit information link with contemporary society. She captures natural elements, social phenomena with a view to recomposing, reorganizing and rediscovering order in order to understand the world. Xu discovers and examines the composition as a whole as well as each of the constituent elements of her work as her intention to use these symbols that will be a comparison between her work and the understanding of what the challenges may be for the artist to build a peninsula in which different – not to say divergent – reliefs and atmospheres come together.

Behold the Mountain
Wang Yi-zhou

Wang's mountain is the mountain where the beginning of heaven and the earth genesis, taking the mountain as the foundation, it is refined into a generalized approximate symbolic language with simple lines and colors and endows it with infinite energy in a calm atmosphere, therefore, the mountain is no longer just a mountain, which is a kind of spirit, a kind of gravitational force, a majestic force full of majesty, and a field of aura full of energy that surrounds viewers who see it.

People Like Us
Rohit Kumar

The foregrounding of identity in contemporary cultural production has long been evident, however, there is an increasing tempo to these developments within contemporary art, intertwined with a toxic politico-media culture worldwide.

This kind of globalization socio-political landscape is explored through different perspectives on the comprehensive response of contemporary society and the problems that arise. This includes art that emerges, not just from a personal creative impulse, but also from the collective, and the intersections between individual subjectivity and group agency within the public sphere.

Broken Records
Brian Leo

Leo’s work, while undeniably timely, transcends the seductive pigeonhole of vogue, and instead combines humor with self-references and world events in order to spark free-association and conversation concerning “sensitive” issues amongst viewers. Through his playful yet wholly uncensored approach to interpreting the multitudes that comprise experience. He communicates by exhibiting clusters of small, brightly colored acrylic paintings, using cartoon imagery as a direct interpretation of what he experiences, and a narrative he tries to understand, at the same time, it is an appropriate and reliable reflection of society.

A Thought; A Unique Attribute

In passion for life and dedication to art caused the artist to consistently focus on the objective of his creative journey. It is precisely because of the passion for painting, perseverance, and persistence for art. In this way, Nansen realized that painting is a simple and joyful lifestyle form, just like eating which is a habit in daily life and necessary. Through the process of painting, he learned how to be an experiencer by putting himself together, and at the same time, he can also act as a bystander at the right time. Painting has been integrated with the artist's life, naturally transformed as part of the artist's lifestyle, and neither is indispensable causing present, and it will remain the same in the future.

Once Upon A Time: Interaction
Eddie Botha

The exhibition uses interactive storytelling to explore life with art. The works presented are not only physical artworks, but also interactive systems designed to be presented in each story, co-created and actively involved in integration through contemporary media broadcasting. Through attractive bodies and thoughts, interesting open encounters, rich sensory experiences, and immersive online viewing room, the works in this exhibition arouse critical reflection, future imagination, and exploration of the background of the current situation. It's a storytelling journey involving the human body in senses and experiences. 

Green, Pink, Yellow, White, with You
Angelo Troilo

Influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy, Troilo's work creates a sense of playfulness through the uniqueness of mixing pastel colours to the tension between the abstraction specialty of figurative and in determination, offering viewers an interpretation in more sensitive and in-depth understanding way.

Troilo utilizes these found objects in his daily life routine to transform the colouring form in abstract compositions and reveals the constructive tendency in his painting. Instead of being organized at random, his creative ideas follow an order that provides the viewers multiple possibilities of satisfaction, it is up to the audience to understand the inspiration of Courtesy of the artist - Angelo Troilo;C-19, 2020, oil on canvas, 14 3/16 x 11 13/16 in. (36 x 30 cm.)Green, Pink, Yellow, White, with You Angelo Troilo his works in either gradually proceeds in any orderly or contribute to the development to explore his own language by examining the traditional usage of the various medium, such as an astronaut venture in his romanticism abstract colouring, wearing protective spacesuits to keep them in safety and health from the harsh environment of space which also part of the element to support them to reach infinity. Whilst the examination of boundaries, it's referred to as essentials of remaining in constant communication with any, like fishes, water, his teammates as well as the viewers on Earth through the artist's own colouring.

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