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Angelo Troilo
Green, Pink, Yellow, White, with You

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Rì Galerie 日空間  is thrilled to present a solo online exhibition of a series of painting hand-picked by the Italian artist Angelo Troilo entitled Green, Pink, Yellow, White, with You. The exhibition is now available at our Online Viewing Room


Influenced by Jean-Michel Basquiat and Banksy, Troilo's work creates a sense of playfulness through the uniqueness of mixing pastel colours to the tension between the abstraction specialty of figurative and in determination, offering viewers an interpretation in more sensitive and in-depth understanding way.


Troilo utilizes these found objects in his daily life routine to transform the colouring form in abstract compositions and reveals the constructive tendency in his painting. Instead of being organized at random, his creative ideas follow an order that provides the viewers multiple possibilities of satisfaction, it is up to the audience to understand the inspiration of his works in either gradually proceeds in any orderly or contribute to the development to explore his own language by examining the traditional usage of the various medium, such as an astronaut venture in his romanticism abstract colouring, wearing protective spacesuits to keep them in safety and health from the harsh environment of space which also part of the element to support them to reach infinity. Whilst the examination of boundaries, it's referred to as essentials of remaining in constant communication with any, like fishes, water, his teammates as well as the viewers on Earth through the artist's own colouring.


In visualizing a series of paintings that Troilo's pastel colour though the online viewing, which is a perception is affected by the artist’s colouring romanticism and the desire to rationalize the notion of an object. Also, the artist is using his own language to share a state of happiness cheering all the viewers to stay in optimistic energy safely and healthy.


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