As a 360-degree art multicultural consultancy with multi-segment capabilities, Rì Art Consultancy understands how the mega-trends, such as marketing campaign strategies, media relations and strategic planning, social media marketing and management, budget management, celebrity management, event management, brand awareness strategy, marketing strategy planning, public relations, digital marketing, and all services related to Arts, etc that are affecting your business growth. 

We also specialize in curatorial advice, appraisals, collection management and strategies, industry intelligence, market analysis, art acquisitions, private sales, etc. Drawing on our expertise and extensive global network of artists and scholars etc, our firm offers an innovative, client-focused approach in order to deliver thoughtful and independent advice with the utmost discretion. 

We are dedicated to consulting structured guidelines and providing surprising insights into the transformative effects of service on business operations.

We are experienced with high flexibility and adaptability to land your expectations into a reality.

Revolutionizing brand-new experiences through art, inspiration, innovation, and impact

As a 360-degree art multicultural consultancy with multi-segment capabilities, we understand how the mega-trends are for our clients to keep the focus on exploring the best transformation strategy and innovative experience. With a strategic and big data approach, we provide implement marketing solutions to deliver tangible business growth based on vision, insight, and innovation.  

Art Acquisitions

Auction House Negotiation

Private Sales

Social Media Marketing & Management

Marketing Campaign Strategies

Budget Management

Collection Management & Strategies

Market Research

Marketing Strategic Planning

Event Management

Media Relations & Strategic Planning

All Service Related to Arts, etc.

Collection Management

Appraisal Services

Brand Awareness Strategy

Digital Marketing

Celebrity Management

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