Angelo Troilo

Green, Pink, Yellow, White, with You

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Angelo Troilo 丨instagram: @angelotroilo_at ; @printsfromspace

The Italian artist Angelo Troilo constantly exanimate his boundaries through the form of pastel colours: an astronaut traveling in the universe, wearing protective spacesuits to keep himself in safety from the harsh environment of space, which also part of the element to support him to reach the place only thought could reach to, as well as essentials of remaining in communications with others, such as fish, water and his teammates. ⠀

意大利藝術家 Angelo Troilo 透過柔和的色彩去不斷地突破自己的邊界:在宇宙旅行的宇航員 , 穿上了具備防護性的太空服 ,使他身在惡劣的太空環境中,仍能保持安全去到那地方,以及保持溝通的基本要素。