Angela Heisch: Low Speech High

Low Speech High is a solo exhibition by the Brooklyn-based New Zealand artist Angela Heisch, which comprises a new body of paintings and works on paper. Working on her most ambitious scale to date, she combines luxurious quality and refined style.

In these new works, movement is the theme, with the artist's signature organic forms proposing across the canvas in unfolding geometries, generating waves of energy. Despite being rendered with meticulous detail, a sense of gesture and movement is felt in the sinuous lines and curvature of the artist's interlocking compositions. Each painting represents a landscape, be it land, sky, sea, or deep space, but stripped of all objective associations, they fundamentally describe elements that are at once familiar and molecular, but ultimately unknowable. Abstract shapes conjure up a range of tangible associations, from apples to planetary orbs, anchoring the viewer and creating a stable entry point throughout the composition.

The luminous application of the pigment highlights its physicality and ability to embody weight. Evoking atmospheric descriptors of pressure and light, such as density, humidity, and haze, each complex composition concentrates elements with conflicting properties, from delicate silhouettes and soft gradients to luminous stretches of opaque color. This intriguing contradiction is at the heart of the artist's practice.

Angela Heisch - << Low Speech High >>
Date: 24 Mar – 29 Apr 2023
Gallery: Pippy Houldsworth Gallery
Address: 6 Heddon Street, London, W1B 4BT

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