Zhong Wei: Invalid Order Signature

Invalid Order Signature is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Zhong Wei, which presents a record of the artist's thoughts over time and contributes to the efforts to document the history of the current era.

Nowadays, when the Internet dominates life, the power of authority is not only reflected in life events, but also in the high-frequency characteristics of visual information revealed by these events. These characteristics are transmitted through the Internet and the reality of life, and a shell of life is built in that time and space. One's personal life is essentially forcibly filled with these high frequency features. as myself, or as an individual, questions and thinking such as "how to use creative expression to eliminate the power and pressure of these characteristics", and "how to adapt and deal with, and even transform this passive power and pressure" into reactionary forces? ” is what I try to express with the works in this exhibition.

Zhong Wei - << Invalid Order Signature >>
Date: 11 Jan – 3 Feb 2023
Gallery:Jack Bell Gallery, London
Address: 13 Mason’s Yard, SW1Y 6BU, London
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