Yok Joaquin: Proof of Yok

At some point in our lives, we experience emotions that we cannot simply explain. There are feelings that we've been repressing, and when we try to express them, we still feel like there's more to it.

Proof of Yok is a solo exhibition by the Filipino artist Yok Joaquin, which showcases the artist's attempts to combine his own aesthetic with architecture, fashion and other mediums, who is known for his clean and simple style of painting.

His work goes beyond the simplicity of everyday life and situations. Based on his architectural background, he creates art combining clean lines and simple figures in his unique style. Under his unique pictorial vocabulary, different from the traditional art we are accustomed to, such as ebullient sun and clouds, dog-like fantasy creatures with human expressions, and nude women with pure body rhythms. The viewer can directly integrate into the work itself, instead of getting lost in the complicated and gorgeous art criticism. Behind the absurd vigor and childishness, there is an otherworldly feeling in his works.

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