What We Are

What We Are is a group exhibition by 8 artists including Dong Jin-ling, Lin Jing-jing, Lin Zhi-peng a.k.a. 223, Ma Si-bo, Mak2, Xin Yun-peng, Zhong Wei, Zhou Wen-dou, that reflects the expression of human nature in the contemporary context, featuring a selection of videos, installations, photographs, and works on canvas, the exhibition explores the corners and alleys of the human psyche and illuminates the motivations and complexities behind our subconsciously driven behaviors.

From the Seven Cardinal Virtues and Deadly Sins to modern science and psychology, the subject of human behavior is continually speculated upon, theorized, judged, and defended. While our actions and the consequences of said actions evolve over time, the core ethos that governs humanity still seems familiar. What defines humanity at its most basic level? What are we as a collective entity?

The artists selected for the exhibition come from all aspects of 21st-century humanity. These artworks are autonomous acts that defy normative expectations, challenging not only artificial boundaries of gender identity but also the very concept of utilitarian biology itself. Observed from a fixed perspective, it paints a nuanced picture of an unspoken relationship that illustrates the human impulse to persist in the pursuit of hope regardless of reality.

What We Are
Date: 6 Jan – 16 Mar 2024
Gallery: de Sarthe Gallery
Address: 26/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
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