tong1 fong4

tong1 fong4 is a group exhibition by 5 emerging Hong Kong artists including Kate Ouyang, Lee Suet Ying, Millison Wong, OrangeTerry and Yo Chow, pronounced in Cantonese, it refers to subdivided housing, a common living arrangement in Hong Kong where locals on a limited budget share working or living space. It can be a limitation, but it can also serve as a catalyst for artists to develop innovative solutions.

"Home" is not just an apartment, but every item that accompanies our lives. When moving, we can't take everything with us, so we have to say goodbye to our "home" by organizing. Explores the transformative power of found homewares when combined with PU foam. Foam looks like mold, or even parasites, growing on objects. This unique combination creates a paradoxical experience in which the familiar becomes simultaneously strange and comforting, triggering a range of conflicting emotions.

The exhibition will be fresh and interesting. Artists have the uncanny ability to transform ordinary materials such as bronze, cable, fabric, foam and plastic into extraordinary materials. By removing pipes and toilet paper holders from their natural habitat, the sculpture delves into the complex relationship between form and function. This exploration challenges conventional wisdom and humorously highlights the often-overlooked cultural significance of these objects.

tong1 fong4
Date: 21 Feb – 12 Mar 2024
Gallery: Karin Weber Gallery
Address: 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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