Thaddaeus Ropac

In the 2023 edition of Art Basel Hong Kong, Thaddaeus Ropac (booth: 1C09) presents a new series of paintings by the Austrian artist Martha Jungwirth which borrows its title from an etching by Goya.

Drawing on her personal experiences, Greek mythology, art history and political events, she creates abstract compositions that take shape spontaneously during the painting process and often hold visible traces of the artist’s body: finger marks, scratches, smears, shoe-prints.

In her 1988 manifesto ‘the ape in me’, she described her method as: ‘back to the old brains, to the senso-motoric / to before spoken language / to before perception / to before memory / to before Euclid where the straight lines meet at the / vanishing point / not thinking while painting.’
Martha Jungwirth - <<Ohne Titel, 2022>
Oil on paper on canvas
85.31 x 95.43 in (216.7 x 242.4 cm )
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