So Jung-Jun: Overtone

Overtone is a solo exhibition by the South Korean artist South Korea So Jung-Jun, which explores the artist's ongoing "sound" research, Syncope was launched for the first time.

Featuring a new series of sculptures titled Epiphyllum I (2023) and Epiphyllum III (2023), as well as the new three-channel film Overtone, Jun proposes an interesting perspective on the relationship between sculpture, video, and digital data. An organic network that transcends traditional time and space, real and virtual.

The title of the exhibition – Overtone is a musical term that describes a harmonic series that collides and mixes around and over a fundamental note to create a coherent musical tone. Using media such as film, sound, sculpture, and publishing, she creates non-linear time and space, evoking new perceptions of the present and exploring how shifts in physical boundaries permeate everyday sensory experiences. In explaining overtone montage using musical principles it is stated that the primary artistic element works together with various secondary components to create a dominant impression or unity. Therefore, she believed that overtone montage not only evokes a harmonious atmosphere or feeling but also triggers physical perception; it triggers a holistic experience, including emotional and physical responses.

So Jung-Jun - << Overtone >>
Date: 8 Nov 2023 – 7 Nov 2024
Gallery: Barakat Contemporary
Address: 58-4 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

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