Siu Kam-han: This is not Snow

This is not Snow is a solo exhibition of Siu kam-han's ceramic works Siu Kam-han, which showcases a series of works on display are the artist's use of ceramic materials to imitate the perceived snow at the European Ceramic Center in the Netherlands under the 2020 epidemic.

The memory of the bench recalls the country life in childhood. It is ordinary, industrious, simple, and inseparable, without exquisite decoration, plain and simple.

The size of the small slabs recurring in the work is similar to the actual size in the artist's memory, and powdered glaze is sprinkled on it after forming. While the black Banhua tree was gradually covered by the gray-white glaze powder, it also covered the clay slabs underneath which represented the ground. The formation of positive and negative spaces fascinated her. What she perceives about the small bench, the snow that she recognizes because of the heavy snow, and the related emotions are so far away to them.

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