Sediments of Memory

Sediments of Memory is a group exhibition by 2 Hong Kong artists Emily Kueis, Wendy Tai, and the Nara-born artist Daisuke Tajima, which is the experience of an event through recollection of the same event and subsequent narrative are necessarily inconsistent.

Tajima creates fantastical cityscapes filled with majestic towers, signage, and machinery. Its cities, drawn with a cartographer's pen on handcrafted panels, are sites of both massive expansion and chaotic destruction, often visualized respectively through the cranes and armored tanks that roam among them.

Kueis's paintings are the product of liquid modernity, a term coined by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman to describe the fluid, ever-changing 21st century, as said "Water compels a theory of apprehending the world that is fluid and boundless, where everything solid is at risk of dissolving into tiny floating particles." by Carson Chan at Frieze 2021 (Frieze) further fleshes out this concept in the article.

Tai is known for interactive and temporary installations that often exploit the transparency, fragility, and impermanence of water in materials such as glass. Taking it from a static phase (stagnation, blockage, repetition of the same thing) to a fluid state in a laboratory - graded glass funnels filled with yellow dye are suspended from the ceiling above a large stainless steel pot filled with water on the floor. The colorant drips onto the pot regularly, and the dyed water is crystal clear and jaundiced yellow. Throughout that day, sunlight shines on the pot and funnel, refracting onto the surrounding walls, creating a relationship with the ephemeral beauty. Eventually, the funnel will be empty, while the pan will be filled with color.

Emily Kueis, Wendy Tai, & Daisuke Tajima - << Sediments of Memory >>
Date: 24 Aug – 7 Oct 2023
Gallery: Square Street Gallery
Address: 21 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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