Royal Jarmon: Smoosh


Smoosh is a solo exhibition of new paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Royal Jarmon., which is a series of aerial views of seemingly flat cars. He abstracted perspective and movement, reconstructed the appearance of the vehicle, and assumed a curious pose, as if a child was dissecting surrounding objects.

His interest in this subject attracted other cars that drew strength from specific memories – taxis ran out of his wallet, was a newcomer to New York, and missed the train. After he crashed his first car, he traveled in a wood-grain caravan in the country. He unfolds each piece of art, just like creating a texture map of a vehicle, and each memory has a complete 3D overlay.

Futurists first explored the celebration of modernity, and the artistic desire for machinery was deconstructed with the rise of pop art. But as Royal’s work reveals, although his use of bright colors implies consumerism, his subject matter may have more personal meaning, and the decisive distortion gives the pop art theme Added a cynical color. These cars are only promoting artists' research on popular culture, human experience, and our relationship with the two.

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