Patricia Piccinini: HOPE

HOPE is the latest exhibition by the Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, which presents a unique marriage of the strange and the familiar, featuring sculptural, photographic, and filmic works tapping into our hopes and fears about the impact of science on humanity.

Her surreal and surrealist works are often rooted in art historical forms, exploring various "unexpected consequences", both negative and positive. The exhibition raises essential questions about the nature of history, progress, and technology. It considers our collective ability to create warm and caring relationships and live loving lives with one another. Depicting the artist's fascination with what she calls "artificial nature". She imagines awe-inspiring and somewhat unsettling biohybrids in which humans might combine with creatures concocted in the imagination or in a laboratory.

One of the largest works in the exhibition is Celestial Fields – a colossal immersive installation of 4,500 individual flower stems sprouting from the floor up and down from the ceiling, drawing visitors into its embrace, where it is the nature of progress raises questions.

Patricia Piccinini - <<HOPE>>
Date: 24 May – 3 Sep 2023
Venue: Tai Kwun JC Contemporary
Address: 1/F - 3/F, JC Contemporary, 1/F F Hall, Tai Kwun, Central, Hong Kong
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