Mak2: Art Survivors

Art Survivors is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong-based artist Mak2, which being unleashed from the real world of capitalist agendas from behind the veneer of noble art offers an opportunity for art world participants to escape through detachment from tangible reality and a laugh at themselves.

Featuring a first-person zombie shooter set in a fictional art fair and a new canvas work titled "Home From Home," the exhibition humorously hints at the undercurrents of the art world system and celebrates those who have survived so far. Viewers are invited to enter the world of a fictional art fair virtually. Filled with artwork generated by the artist's artificial intelligence, what begins as a familiar cultural experience quickly escalates into a battle for survival - with all non-player characters turned into zombies. Players must travel through the market, eliminate infected market participants, and compete for victory in a place that was once a place full of creative expression and appreciation, but is now a maze of survival.

The artwork combines the serenity of an imagined art fair with the chaotic absurdity of a zombie outbreak, providing a humorous exaggeration of certain invisible dynamics. Featuring rankings of the best and worst players, and comical reenactments of common art fair behaviors, the game amplifies and examines the aspects of competition, hierarchy, trauma, and strategy woven into the fantasy world.

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Date: 4 May – 22 Jun 2024
Gallery: de Sarthe Gallery
Address: 26/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

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