Little Thunder: Reality Dropout

Reality Dropout is the first solo exhibition by the Hong Kong-based artist Little Thunder, which showcases a series of new works illuminating the ground-breaking approach to her artistic practice, 12 oil paintings debut. Her work is heavily influenced by the comic book aesthetic, where humanity is depicted in a series of magical realism environments and interactions. Brightly colored and cartoonish, the images evoke an alternate type of reality where fantasy, cognition, and instinct all communicate in their own form on another plane of existence.

This desire to capture the banal absurdity of ordinary life can be found in the painting Closer Than You Thought which shows a distraught female operator who is not focused on her work. The parallel mirror image of her face and facial expressions are shown as a single entity woman processing something on the screen. To her, the "real" space she inhabits means nothing. The vivid color palette contrasts with the enigmatic surroundings, further accentuating the mood and volatile energy of the women.

Little Thunder - << Reality Dropout>>
Date: 4 Nov – 24 Dec 2022
Gallery: Over the Influence
Address: G/F & 1/F, 159 Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong

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