Lin Yan: No Return

No Return is a solo exhibition by the New York-based Chinese artist Lin Yan, which showcases her site-specific installations, sculptures, and two-dimensional works made of various Chinese handmade paper.

Since the past ten years, Lin has been using rice paper to show the essence, depth and complexity of this traditional medium, especially to explain its related oriental aesthetics and philosophy in a contemporary context. The diversification of materiality is very important to the artist. Lin's meditation works poetically reveal the texture and painting quality of her creative process through the crushing, folding, layering, mounting and casting of rice paper, and she often creates with colorless or dark ink.

In early 2017, the artist began to create a new series named after the Big Dipper, "Regeneration of Hope". These works are presented as installations in specific locations, located in various cities around the world, commenting on the eternity of global warming and environmental degradation. In the difficult times of the global pandemic, life and death have become a creepy and private topic. It is in this spirit that Lin created the installation "Megrez II - No Return" (2021), which depicts the basic components of the biological ecosystem and the unity between nature, humans, and the universe. Therefore, Lin's work opens a portal for viewers to contemplate, exploring the peaceful world of their hearts by admiring its magnificent imagery, structure, and lyricism.
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