Li Yiwen: The Moment

The Moment is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Li Yiwen, which showcases the latest series of works by the artist in recent years, his artistic creation and painting have always revolved around his thinking and interest in time and space.

The title of the exhibition "Moment" comes from the Buddhist description of the period of time: "In the time you snap your fingers, there are 60 moments; in 1 moment, there are 900 births and deaths." This theme was inspired by the awe of eternal time that the artist experienced while standing in front of a huge iceberg during his journey to the northwest, which also reflects his melancholy perception of the fleeting time in social life.

In his artistic creation, time always flows in multiple directions that stand still as the objects in his paintings are placed in surreal surroundings, creating a sense of detachment from reality and a subtle unease. Time also extends into the past, as the objects he depicts are often man-made, with a history of material existence that predates the birth of humanity.

Li Yiwen - << The Moment >>
Date: 28 Mar – 8 May 2024
Gallery: Leo Gallery HK
Address: 46 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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