Ha In-doo and Lee Ugn-no: Pervade

Pervade 滲 is a joint exhibition by 2 Korean artists Ha In-doo and Lee Ung-no, which showcases 11 of the most famous masterpieces from two of the most famous names in Korean modern and contemporary art. Chung-Hwa (靑華) Ha In-Doo, whose geometric color gamut abstract art roots can be traced back to traditional Korean culture and Buddhism; and Go-Am (顧庵) Lee Ung-no who surpassed the barriers of Eastern and Western art with the modern abstract art of nature and human beings.

The exhibition title permeates and reflects the artistic ideology of both artists. They are both Masters of Art trying to express the beauty of Korea in their art while also creating their own unique visual language with evolving traditional techniques that permeate the canvas. The implications also extend to the hope that the artist's emotions can penetrate the hearts of those who watch and appreciate their work. The global pandemic has imposed severe constraints on the arts and culture sector. Introduces viewers to Korea's past and artistic authenticity through the work of two of Korea's most recognized first-generation abstract artists.
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