Gregor Hildebrandt: Behind My Back, in Front of My Eyes

Behind My Back, in Front of My Eyes is a solo exhibition by the German artist Gregor Hildebrandt, who is good at using "sound paper" with repetitive processing techniques to create familiar collage works.

The artist chooses to use this medium to create silence, which is both formal and metaphorical. His first records the melody, rhythm, and effects of the selected song on an empty audiotape. After finishing, paste the tape on the canvas and tear it off to create his unique rip-off tear-off canvas painting. By pasting the tape on the canvas, he tried to visualize the music, classic-style vinyl records also have similar media characteristics to tapes. When they are used to carry audio, all reflect a kind of temporality. He repeatedly recorded his favorite singles on the tape over and over again, thus inspiring nostalgic memories in his mind. The "timeliness" embodied by the tape is not only the length of the recorded song, but also the physical length of the tape itself, sealed this music in a silent language.

The artist materializes his fragmented memories and expresses them through works,
memory is layered and fleeting. The music and sound here show how loops and echo tapes can drive the flow of memory, and are interwoven with the artist's sentimental materials and patterns, and stage an experience of his own on the canvas.

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