Go Figure

Go Figure is a group exhibition curated by New York-based artist Todd James featuring new works by March Avery, Heather Benjamin, Sean Cavanaugh, Timothy Curtis, Daze, Jesse Edwards, Malie Huffman, Todd James, George Lowrey, Geoff McFetridge, and Devin Troy Strother.

In recent years, a major shift in representative art has introduced a group of young figurative painters, whose works are receiving more and more attention. James' choice aims to show the diverse miniatures of today's images, break through the artificial differences in age, style and background, and celebrate the common ground. Born into a family of artists, March Avery began to make his own works every day from the age of two, and gradually developed a primitive style of directly observing the visual world. Her son Sean Cavanaugh is also a painter, and his watercolour images have been exhibited internationally. James also used the well-known illustrators of underground magazine Heather Benjamin, Malie Huffman, George Lowrey and Geoff McFetridge. The works illustrate the importance of emerging and non-traditional artists. These works are young concrete figures from the illustration industry. It also includes New York artist and icon Daze (Basquiat’s contemporary art, whose works have been collected by many museums), and other famous contemporary artists whose careers began in the graffiti world: Timothy Curtis, Jesse Edwards, and Devin Troy Strother. Finally, the exhibition also includes a series of new nude photos created by James, these works highlight the artist's great playfulness in constantly reimagining the human form. Go Figure's work covers the entire range from the established image design to the underground illustrations. It insists on the interconnection of inspiration, and even the interconnection of all of us.
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