Dony Cheng Hung: Finding Rest on the Highway

Finding Rest on the Highway is a solo exhibition by the Hong Kong artist Dony Cheng Hung, which is based on the aesthetics and methods of his 2 previous exhibitions, "Elaboration of the Reflected Lights" and the 2023 Chinese University of Hong Kong MFA graduate exhibition.

The exhibition opens with paintings of blue skies. Immersed in a yellowish light that is projected and reflected throughout the space, the viewer moves through transparent walls, columns, and plant-shaped sculptures to reach darker monochromatic paintings, a journey from light to darkness. At the end of the journey, 2 rotating animations illustrate the transformation of the object into the subject of the painting. Animation gives the temporality of the image, while the installation transfers the surreal two-dimensional space of the walls to the three-dimensional space of the exhibition venue.

Through these devices, the artist attempts to construct a coherent liminal space, allowing the audience to experience the feeling of being surrounded by the environment. Using acrylic as the main medium, a smooth picture surface with black, white, and blue as the main colors is created. The details and textures of the depicted objects are erased, forming an abstract, dematerialized, and static picture world. For artists, this is a technique of focusing on the surface of the picture, achieving pure and minimal expression through elimination, and finding the essence of things and subjective reality according to oneself.

Dony Cheng Hung - << Finding Rest on the Highway >>
Date: 17 Feb – 16 Mar 2024
Gallery: Gallery Exit
Address: 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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