Diane Arbu: First Coming

First Coming is a presentation by the American photographer Diane Arbu, which features a series of photographs taken by the artist during her short but highly influential 15-year career.

The photographs exhibited in Hong Kong include couples, children, female impersonators, nudists, New York City pedestrians, circus performers, and celebrities, among others, reflecting the breadth of the artist's unique and compelling portraits of humanity. Several of these images appeared in a retrospective exhibition in 1972 and in the famous monograph on his work, which was simultaneously published by Aperture and has been in continuous printing since then and published in five languages. This photograph, a young waitress in New Jersey, 1963, is one of many famous photographs Arbus took at nudist camps in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the early 1960s.

The exhibition also follows the release of Diane Arbus Documenta, this groundbreaking publication documents the reception of Arbus and her photographs through a series of essays, critiques, and essays from 1967 to the present, providing comprehensive insight into the critical conversations and misconceptions surrounding the artist.

Diane Arbu - <<First Coming>>
Date: 17 Nov – 21 Dec 2022
Gallery: David Zwirner
Address: 6/F, H Queen’s, 80 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong
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