Dene Leigh

Brewers Towner International is an open-call exhibition of contemporary art that will take place at Towner Eastbourne Art Gallery in the United Kingdom, submissions seeking to explore the sanctuary theme; can be interpreted as a physical space, a place that provides a haven, sanctuary, or sanctuary; can be understood as an area or environment that protects endangered species, rich and diverse ecosystems, preserves wildlife; It can also suggest an imaginary space, a meditative mental space for solace and respite from the outside world.

The exhibition features a group of emerging artists including Dene Leigh whose works are a particular highlight is his trompe l'oeil paintings, which superimpose multiple memories into a single work. In addition to the catharsis of working around such a deeply personal theme, the rich structure of each piece allows the artist to face his peers from the past without seeming insignificant. Refreshingly, his references are decidedly contemporary, allowing him to give new life to the tradition.

Image Credit: @deneleigh
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