TAFAA - SYCAMORE RABBIT (Give 'Em The Love Tonight II) is a solo exhibition by the Post-war & Contemporary Swiss artist Chloé Delarue, which gives meaning to poetic brilliance as a perilous practice. Just as wanting to comment on the minute details of a work is an infinite simplification, poetic interpretation contains a powerful potential for deception. To flatten its way of expression is to risk letting its terms run aground in a kind of magic, such terms that endow the work with the ability to transcend its own vocabulary.

This poetic extension precedes a constantly renewed conceptual foundation. Through the five-letter TAFAA, she can be understood through a theoretical assumption that in a fully computable and manipulable world, our perceived reality tends to take a fully automated form. The works created by the artist without attempting to prove this thesis in our shared environment, rely on the latter to create multiple reproductions and reconfigurations. If the general aesthetic can evoke the cinematic vibe of silver screens and the constant flickering of neon lights, it’s much less of the futuristic projections that draw viewers to the TAFAA project. In a society governed by algorithms, data analysis, and simulations of all representations of reality, the expected narrative is outdated. Following the exact contours of predictions made decades ago, the sea change has largely materialized.

Chloé Delarue - << TAFAA - SYCAMORE RABBIT>>
Date: 25 Feb – 15 Apr 2023
Gallery: Galerie Frank Elbaz
Address: 66 Rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris, France

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