Carroll Dunham: Selected Drawings

Selected Drawings is a solo exhibition of works on paper by the American painter Carroll Dunham, which focus on works in this medium is intimate and highly informative about his practice as his entire practice. For the act of painting is both routine for the artist and the cornerstone of all other media in his interdisciplinary approach.

Known for its independent and highly distinctive works for decades. His work has evolved from the anthropomorphic abstractions of the 1970s to surreal universes inhabited by archetypal characters. Carefully choreographed compositions offer insight into the complex inner worlds of his subjects, navigating the boundaries between the abstract and the figurative, with strong color planes and the artist's distinctive curves activating the vibrant compositions.

The human body has been a major theme in the artist's work, including works from several notable series over the past decade, a selection of which presents a silhouette of a male figure contemplating his own reflection on water, or in contrast to a landscape in a Other males wrestled naked. As a creative and experimental mode, painting enables an original and direct approach to his unique pictorial vocabulary without the hierarchy of painting.

Carroll Dunham - << Selected Drawings>>
Date: 25 Jan – 23 Feb 2023
Gallery: Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin
Address: Bleibtreustraße 15/16, Berlin, 10623

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