Caison Wang: Hyperland

Hyperland is a solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Caison Wang, which features a series of large-scale canvases and combines whimsical but eerie imagery with deconstructed references to humans and religious deities. Considering, among other things, the binary concept of morality, these artworks depict a liminal world in which she reinterprets heaven and hell as a psychological experience as part of experiencing the human condition.

Named after Hyperion, referring to "the one who walks through or looks down from the sky" in Greek mythology, Hyperland observes the fictional characters Jack and Mary through the lens of an omniscient narrator. Jack and Mary are depicted as two skeletal figures, neutral representatives of humanity. As if the protagonists of a continuous story, the characters act out different scenes in each artwork while being immersed in the surreal landscapes the artist constructs with 3D modeling software.

Combining digital grids with almost psychedelic colors reminiscent of enlightenment or hell, her work alludes to the notion that suffering or transcendence in a moral context is nothing more than an artificial construct produced by and for the human psyche. With its inexplicable combination of idyllic and dystopian imagery, it proposes not just to reject existing definitions of good and evil, but to challenge every dichotomy posed by dogmatic philosophy.

Caison Wang - <<Hyperland>>
Date: 6 May – 24 Jun 2023
Gallery: de Sarthe Gallery
Address: 26/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Wong Chuk Hang

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