Blake Daniels: Those Who Remember

Those Who Remember is a solo exhibition by the American artist Blake Daniels, which seamlessly weaves together a selection of recent paintings from the past two years around the theme of memory, exploring its profound significance in shaping human motivations including beauty, love, death, adoration and empathy.

Drawing conceptual and narrative inspiration from a fictional utopian kingdom called "The Land of Pomegranate" in Yukio Mishima's novel "Temple of the Dawn" (1970), he constructed fantastical, dreamlike landscapes in his exhibited works, inhabited by people in a state of metamorphosis, entangled in scenes that oscillate between beauty, violence, intimacy, profanity, and joy.

The works are deeply rooted in his memories of loved ones, their daily encounters in Johannesburg, and the queer community that inhabited the city—all of which encapsulate the artist’s decade-long residency in this place. In the 5 large-scale paintings, the backgrounds subtly reflect the activity of the city and the vast landscape, while two figures near the edge of the canvas sit quietly, enjoying a moment of leisure, exuding a sense of speculation and self-awareness.

Blake Daniels - << Those Who Remember >>
Date: 16 Dec 2023 – 20 Jan 2024
Gallery: Mou Projects
Address: 202, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

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