Arthur Arbesser Spring 24

Arthur Arbesser's Spring 24 ready-to-wear collection embodies a surrender to the inner child, immersing itself in the renowned artfulness, exhilaration, and creativity of fashion. The collection engages in a dialogue between garments and the spaces they occupy, encompassing both material reality and metaphysical dimensions.

The designer and his longstanding team of 5 collaborators have recently experienced a sense of fashion fatigue and have embarked on a quest to carve out a space that alleviates the cacophony of current fashion trends, redirecting their focus towards the intrinsic creative process itself.

Employing Dadaist sensibilities, the collection showcases minimalist silhouettes such as straight-cut dresses, elongated shirts occasionally adorned with ruffled edges, suspender skirts, and drawstring collar shirts. These serve as joyful and artful canvases for prints and patterns, ranging from tie-dye and stripes on midi skirts to shirts adorned with painted motifs, cloud-like color splatters, and innocent floral designs, appearing on both maxi skirts and slender dresses.

It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to collaborate with you and your team in the past. We eagerly anticipate the prospect of future collaborations, fostering an ongoing partnership that extends beyond a single instance.

Image Credit: @vogue

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