AI Taylor: Playing with Color

Playing with Color is a solo exhibition of works by the American artist Al Taylor, which showcases his transition from painting on canvas to making the three-dimensional structures he worked on from the mid-1970s to the late 1980s.

Known for his unique approach to innovative craftsmanship and materials, he moves fluidly between media, ultimately attempting to expand visual possibilities in search of new ways to experience and imagine space. His multi-layered study of perception gives viewers an insight into the artist's unique mind, methodology, and playful sense of humor. The exhibition will pay particular attention to his artful use of transmedia color to connect and visually emphasize the formal elements of his work.

The exhibition presents a selection of his earlier paintings, which combine abstract compositions with narrative undertones suggested by the juxtaposition of formal elements. While they subtly embody reduction and restraint, these pieces resist stagnation with a unique playfulness. Borrowing different movements and styles, the artist's carefully crafted paintings do not fall into any category, but instead exhibit a productive tension between plane and depth, as well as imagery and abstraction that are entirely Taylor's own. In later examples, the artist focused more on bold color juxtapositions and playful imagery to delineate the space and activate the canvas. Whether painting or sculpture, these works have a fluid rhythm that opens up multiple perspectives.
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