A Guide to Fragmented Spaces

A Guide to Fragmented Spaces is a group exhibition of new works including painting, installation, sculpture, and other media by 9 emerging artists, which showcases their own experience as the starting point, he reconstructs various illusory speculative spaces using visual symbols and rules in the real world.

The central theme explored within the paintings showcased in this exhibition revolves around the portrayal of abandoned and dispersed traffic cones throughout the urban landscape. Notably, the artist deliberately leaves many of these cones devoid of any discernible markings, thereby attenuating their conventional role as cautionary symbols and prompting contemplation regarding their societal relevance in times of perceived redundancy.

Additionally, the ceramic paintings in the exhibition are about dreams and disasters. Cars in the real world are placed in various imaginary spaces, and porcelain and colored pigments are mixed to create large bright color blocks, creating unique visual effects and evoking the audience's inner fantasy world.

A Guide to Fragmented Spaces
Date: 9 Sep – 14 Oct 2023
Gallery: Gallery Exit
Address: 3/F, 25 Hing Wo Street, Tin Wan, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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