Zhou Wen-dou: Room 1005

Room 1005 is a solo exhibition by the Beijing-based artist Zhou Wen-dou, which explores the inexplicable and helpless states experienced by artists during periods of social suspension. The exhibition is titled after the house number of the artist's studio in Beijing, which shows the artist's perception of time and reality in the confined space for the past two months. The building where his studio was located was later demolished, and the artist's memory, helplessness and longing vanished, leaving only rubble.

This exhibition is a retrospective, which freezes and captures fragments of the artist's emotions and contradictions. The presented works are the reconstruction and interpretation of the artist's own desire for time and anxiety caused by space limitations. Though confused by the stagnation of time and the loss of the ability to move freely in isolation, it prompted him to use his powers of observation to start a dialogue with the everyday things around him. Long-term exchanges evoke deep memories and emotional touches, resulting in fictional narratives and questions about the meaning of objects.

Zhou Wendou - <<Room 1005>>
Date: 12 Nov – 23 Dec 2022
Gallery: de Sarthe Gallery
Address: 26/F, M Place, 54 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Hong Kong
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