Zhao Zhao: The Buddha

The Buddha is a debut solo exhibition by the Chinese artist Zhao Zhao, which brings together an important body of works that encompasses the artist’s practice.

Regarded as a "provocateur", a person who destroys and rebuilds, a person who faces political and historical icons, and a person who pirates the works of masters, Zhao expressed a kind of ambivalence. In doing so, he emphasized the need to go through this lasting process. In order to make art.

Zhao is known for using a wide range of media. He is both a sculptor and a painter. It seems to wash away the marks of Buddha statues, statues and statuettes. Layers of paint and layers of old text seem to cover one and the other almost It will lead to an illusion of disappearing within oneself.

From acrylic paints to oil paints, to watercolors and oil pastels on canvas, these works are all born from historical fragments related to Pan-Western culture. Xinjiang is the westernmost province of China, and Zhao’s hometown is actually the cradle of civilization connecting the East and the West, which is the so-called Silk Road. There are more than 16 different cultures and languages gathered here. However, they have all disappeared today, and none of these dialects can be explained and understood now.
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