Zhang Xiaogang: Lost

Lost is a solo exhibition of works produced by the Mainland Chinese artist Zhang Xiaogang, which reflecting the artist's sensitivity and skill in different mediums and materials. Leaping figures have been the subject of his work in recent years, the dynamism suggested by their titles subverted by their content: figures appear to be suspended in frozen air, unaffected by gravity.

The artist delicately depicts spots of light, and the gentle painterly touch in these contemplative and serene compositions, dating back to the artist's Large Family series of the 1990s, has gradually become the most recognizable feature of his practice. His new experiments focus on still life paintings, often in which inanimate objects seem to have emotional depth and his distant human figures have little life.

This visual phenomenon can be understood in the context of the impact of a global pandemic on time and space. Artists intuit and absorb their own experiences to create works that have psychological and physical weight. Through ancient painting techniques, he weaves the turmoil of contemporary life into the eternal dilemma of the human soul, and the dramatic and absurd scenes may be interpreted as today's poetic allegories.
Zhang Xiaogang - <<Lost>>
Date: 21 Mar – 4 May 2023
Gallery: Pace Gallery
Address: 12/F, H Queen's, 80 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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