Ze/Ro is a group exhibition by 5 Hong Kong local artists Au Hoi-lam, Chan Ka-kiu, Christy Chow, Jaffa Lam and Jess Lau, which is a contemplative and topical group exhibition, which feature is that the artists’ work involves the concepts of identity, gender, society and self, and is framed by social construction and gender desire resolution.

Gender is a social construction. Culture and tradition are often used to shape the content of gender stereotypes to prescribe normative social systems. In this sense, the representation of women and men is still crucial to how they are projected by themselves and others in society.

In this exhibition, the artists explore the essence of the female world. Women enhance their abilities by embracing creativity in the physical and mental realm. Inter-generational women with different identities and roles transform self-conscious behavior into beneficial results, and thus realize the sense of autonomy through individual personality and various characteristics. Their works adapt to women's multi-sensory experience from body to mind: a life-giving carrier, which embodies the change and endurance beyond our imagination; at the same time, it is also a matrix of human imagination, emotional association and even the learning process in life.
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