Xu Yang: Imagine Yourself a Warrior

Imagine Yourself a Warrior is the first solo exhibition by the Mainland Chinese artist Xu Yang, which brings together a new series of paintings centered around a heroine in armor with pink hair and a heroic appearance, a captivating figure for the artist who aims to challenge the norms and politics surrounding gender, power and representation.

Extending from her rococo-inspired still lifes, richly detailed self-portraits, and drag shows, Xu's paintings seamlessly tell the story of a wondrous Truth, unfolds an expansive story of divine goddesses, lion-heart warriors, pink unicorns and spectacular landscapes.

Wearing a pink rococo-style wig and a transparent chiffon dress, and delicate makeup, the protagonist in Xu’s paintings is multifaceted—under the artist’s delicate depiction, she sometimes stands solemnly, holding a palette, Lounging casually on a plush French sofa (it's easier to bury reality than to abandon dreams), otherwise wearing a mask-like metal helmet of Kamen Samurai. Gorgeously chivalrous yet unflinchingly vulnerable, her compelling and piercing gaze meets the viewer's gaze, as if reclaiming her own space and declaring the strength in her femininity.

Xu Yang - <<Imagine Yourself a Warrior>>
Date: 11 Feb - 11 Mar 2023
Gallery: Mou Projects
Address: Unit 202, The Factory, 1 Yip Fat St, Wong Chuk Hang

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