Wu Shuang: The Light of Nature

The Light of Nature is a solo exhibition by the young Chinese artist Wu Shuang, which showcases vibrant works created by the artist between 2019 and 2021. The exhibition mainly features works created by Wu during the lockdown. In the artist's own words: "The pandemic has helped me live a more deliberate and creative life, art is the answer." Centered on people and inspired by nature, her paintings suggest a search for freedom and meaning in life. In her early practice, the artist found that the colors used in screen printing were too bland and monotonous, so she began to use fluorescent colors to enrich the surface and texture of the medium. In her later practice, she continued to use luminous pigments on canvas, with bold color combinations that became emblematic of her work. The artist also demonstrates strong control over compositional elements, painting powerful images that seem contradictory but harmonious. The recent painting style is more romantic and poetic, internalizing the consciousness of freedom from the creation, expressing the theme of animals as the main life form; reflecting on the relationship between human beings and others in the human world. The artist's work is based on the concept of anthropocentrism, which involves concerns about the separation of the human self from nature. ・・・ #TheLightOfNature #WuShuang
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