Willi Siber: Masterclass

Masterclass is a solo exhibition by the renowned German artist Willi Siber, which is a continuation of the uncompromising commitment to pure abstraction and material exploration, always pushing the limits of form, light, color and space, including new renditions of some of the most popular pieces, such as his classic oval and brick walls, now finished with a metallic varnish on the indented surface for a quasi-holographic visual effect.

The artist's vibrant tactile creations continue to challenge interpretation, teasing viewers' expectations and perspectives through 'objects' that intersect the boundaries between picture, installation, and sculpture. Innovative themes and materials result from years of experimentation with all elements of the practice. The circular wall-mounted pieces introduce a series of astronomy-themed pieces based on satellite maps of planetary topography recorded by NASA.

Willi Siber - << Masterclass >>
Date: 4 Mar – 1 Apr 2023
Gallery: Karinweber Gallery
Address: 20 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

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