Turi Simeti: l’aventure monochrome(s)

l'aventure Monochrome(s) is the first posthumous exhibition by the Italian artist Turi Simeti, which in homage to the Sicilian artist who began to settle in Milan in the mid-60s, it offers a journey through his 60 years of art, highlighting the constant and variation of his work in the format, pattern, and color, up to his last painting, 3 Oval Blu-ray, 2020. The goal is to reduce painting to its most basic parts: color and form.

This use of shape in the painting, a way of breaking away from the flatness of the traditional canvas, was a common concern in the early 1960s, as was the work of Pino Pascali and Cesare Tacchi in Rome. The figurative perspective shared this and started his artistic career.

The artist would explain the way he chose to create shapes in the painting, the three-dimensional area of the painting created from the inside out and vice versa, offering a variety of light with infinite possibilities and variations. In this way, light completes the artwork while transforming it, giving it harmony and color. Thus, the subject of an oval or oval creates tension between the perceived changes of the canvas.

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