Takashi Murakami: 727

In the 727 series, a variegated, pointed-teethed Dob riding on a richly ornamented wave, inexplicably cute and somewhat grotesque.

The title 727 comes from the shampoo brand "727COSMETICS" that the artist saw while traveling on the Shinkansen. At first, he thought the name had something to do with the Boeing 727, but later found out that it was actually the birthday of the brand's founder's wife.

Takashi Murakami later called the artwork his "misunderstanding" and actually employed a variety of techniques and created several versions that satisfied collectors. This artwork resembles a three-part screen and has a strong resemblance to a Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock.

This has been a wonderfully amazing time for me. Thanks to Sothebys for having me.

Courtesy of the artist - Takashi Murakami; 727; acrylic on canvas mounted on board, in 3 parts signed and titled 727 on the overlap each; 118 1/4 x 59 in. (300.5 x 150 cm.); overall: 118 1/4 x 177 1/8 in. (300.5 x 450 cm.) and the auction house - Sotheby's

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