Shen Chen: Master of Grey / Master of Colour

Master of Grey / Master of Colour is a solo exhibition by the Chinese artist Shen Chen, which is a ground-breaking exhibition, including 12 abstract paintings. This is the second presentation of Western paintings in China after the Cultural Revolution and first show contemporary American abstraction.

Chen’s paintings may be regarded as performance and meditation. He chose a paintbrush-its width, and the length of the handle were different, and then swept it across the canvas, repeating the gesture rhythmically and dexterously, as if he was marking time. His concentration is unusually concentrated and fascinating. It may be considered his version of action painting, although not so active, but also inspired by Chinese master calligraphers and ink painters. He prefers to draw on the floor and hovering on the bracket. Immerse his brushes in his medium, and the impression of the brushstrokes depends on how he loads and uses the brushes. He does not draw his lines but paints them. They may be regarded as a state of mind, a state of existence, and not mainly based on the formalist aspects of modern reductionism, rational systems, and the abandonment of narratives and images. At the end of the painting, there are only traces and processes.
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