Sex Be With You

Sex Be With You is a group exhibition by Lau Hong-lam, IV Chan, Florence Lam , and Batten and Kamp, which re-examines the relationship between sex and power that permeates our society.

In this age of modern consumerism, sex is everywhere and we are surrounded by it all the time. Sexual promises or desirable sexual symbols have been used to sell products through a near-continuous bombardment of images. The ease of online pornography and other digital media has made possible the rampant consumption of sex. The proliferation of neutralization in the mainstream media has made it less of a taboo, and with religious exceptions, the practice no longer bears the taboos of earlier, more conservative times. Sex outside of marriage is no longer frowned upon, and we are urged to celebrate our own.

However, as sex became commonplace, it appeared to lead to an increase in unconscious consumption. It might be said that sex itself arises from biological impulses and is therefore itself unconscious. Yet more and more people are becoming increasingly blind to the power of sex, the power that is put over someone or something, or taken away, in any sexual act. Sexuality (whether the act itself, its projected images, its representations of visual culture, or its desires) and power are intrinsically intertwined.

Batten and Kamp, IV Chan, Florence Lam, Lau Hong-lam - <<Sex Be With You>>
Date: 30 June – 2 Sept 2023
Venue: Novalis Art Design
Address: G/F, 197 Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

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