Sean Scully

The celebrated abstract artist Sean Scully's solo exhibition features 7 new paintings from the artist’s studio, and 2 are from his Landline series, four paintings of the Wall of Light, and a diptych in aluminum robes.

The artist's captivating paintings consist of horizontal and vertical ribbons of varying sizes that appear to vibrate in an interwoven grid structure that draws inspiration from architecture, landscape, and the interplay of light. In 1969, made his first trip to Morocco, where he was deeply influenced by the enchanting landscapes, especially the ubiquitous multi-colored striped textiles he encountered there. The artist was also greatly inspired by his travels in Mexico, where he was struck by the relationship between dazzling lights and ancient buildings. The influence of his early life on his work stemmed from his exposure to jazz and R&B as a young man in London, and from working in a factory at 18, stacking flat corrugated cardboard boxes on trucks. These myriad influences have led to a series of seminal works. 

Its work Untitled (Landline) (2022) consists of bold and gestural seemingly sun-drenched horizontal bands hovering above the ochre ground, all further illuminated by aluminum supports that create a natural transition between abstraction and landscape dialogue. Wall Deep Orange and Wall of Light Yellow Field (2022), both are vibrant, and their rhythmic painted color-block patterns allude to the game of light and stone that has long fascinated the artist.

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