Rodel Tapaya: Random Numbers

Random Numbers is the solo exhibition by Filipino contemporary artist Rodel Tapaya, which reflects his interest in continuing on ideas based on the common human experience has always been part of his artistic practice. He is also interested in presenting the relationship between imagination and reality, but it represents a departure from his previous artistic research. The name of the exhibition directly refers to the name of one of the artworks in the exhibition. These artworks are selected paintings, ranging from monumental works to medium-sized works.

Explore the new stage of the artist's "scrap painting", this stage studies the concept and process of collage. The work is composed of semi-graphic illustrations, involving idle objects of objects set in the background of existence and miscellaneous elements that appear anonymous and expressive.

Collage has not only become the initial creative process of Tapaya’s techniques used in the “Scrap Paintings” series, but also the core theme of his overall work. On the small scale and stage almost like an illustration, almost like a diorama on a small scale. The seed will be transformed into a larger scale. In this way when working, his discipline and challenge is not to make the collage work unfinished, but to treat it as a complete work, and imagine that the almost photo-realistic translation effect through painting will become even more than life. Great. This kind of innovation and internal deconstruction of one’s own reflective thinking process in order to criticize and question, thereby enhancing personal creativity, proves the artistic significance of the artist that important new works continue to demonstrate his international reputation.
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