Retrograde is a group exhibition that is unlike other LGBTQ-themed exhibitions that emphasize LGBTQ pride and visibility, it raises questions about the cost of contemporary lesbian and gay culture going mainstream. The exhibition challenges the dominant heteronormative logic and homogenous models of queer modern identity and proposes an alternative way of thinking that enables people to fundamentally reimagine the history, subjectivity and future of queerness. 11 local and international contemporary artists participated in the exhibition, including Ivana Bašić, Jes Fan, Dew Kim, Green Mok, Naraphat Sakarthornsap, Tseng Chien-Ying, Floryan Varennes, Luis Xertu, Xu Guanyu, Rachel Youn, Stella Zhang.

Inspired by astrology, the exhibition title references the retrograde motion of the planets, which represent an exception and even a challenge to normal consciousness. Such planets are completely off the main road—they are explorers or explorers who travel on celestial trails looking for things that aren't on the main road. Likewise, participating artists identify and understand the underlying concerns of queer modernity, envision queer subjectivity beyond grand narratives, and see "queerness" as a poststructural, postmodern, postcolonial, and "postpatriarchal" methodology The crucible for truly "queer" queer.
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