Ren Ri: Yuansu

Yuansu is a pop-up exhibition by Beijing artist Ren Ri, which includes unique sculptures using the honeycomb as a medium. In the artist’s artistic practice, he chose the unique medium of beeswax, who is an artist and a beekeeper at the same time. His amazing blue sculptures created in collaboration with bees record the intimate relationship between him and honey. He consciously controlled the activities of bees and the formation process of the hive, and finally created a supernatural, hybrid sculpture, exploring the relationship between natural forces and human intervention.

The two series of works on display are: "Yuansu 1: The Origin of Geometry and "Yuansu 2". In order to express the randomness of the sculptures, every seven days, he will change the direction in which the acrylic box turns, and the honeycomb also forms a new shape in the turning of the box. Each hive combines art and nature, represents the bipolar world of mankind and honey, placing the viewer in the contradiction between civilization and nature, and place the queen bee in a square acrylic box.
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